1. Pair Your Food of Choice with a Frosty Beer

    Maybe we spoke too soon. In an earlier blog we stated that burgers and beer basically made for the perfect combination of food and drink. But wing lovers and pizza enthusiasts have both come forward with their own reasons as to why their favorite foods pair better with beer than burgers. For chicken wing lovers, nothing compliments the fiery goodness of spicy wings better than the palate-cleansing…Read More

  2. The Low-Down on Chicken Wings

    One of the most popular appetizers we have on our menu at Lager's Inn is our chicken wings. Born in Buffalo, New York, the Buffalo wing remains the choice for game-watching sports fans, guys-night-out attendees and family members of all ages. We’ve been serving our chicken wings since we opened and they remain a favorite among of our customers here. Here are just a few tidbits about chicken win…Read More