1. Good Beer Is a Good Thing

    Do you drink beer? We do. Not in an out of control, life-ruining kind of way, but in an, “I refuse to drink garbage beer” way. We’ve all been there, though, when it comes to learning to appreciate quality suds. Back in the day, we chugged wretched beer as teenagers. We did that just because it was cheap and easy to get our hands on. But here’s the thing. Just because a beer is expensive, d…Read More

  2. Why Sports Bars Are Better Than Stadiums

    There's a debate that's been going on and has been getting more and more heated as technology gets better: watching the game in person at a stadium versus watching the game at a sports bar. For us, unless it's a monumental game, we're going to be watching it here at our Aberdeen sports bar every time. The electricity isn’t quite the same, but all the peripheral benefits are much, much better. S…Read More

  3. Burgers and Beer – A Beautiful Thing

    Is there any better food combination than burgers and beer? I mean, how often do you hear wine enthusiasts professing their enjoyment of the perfect chardonnay and their favorite meaty sandwich? It doesn't happen because burgers are married to beer and would never pair as nicely with any other beverage. For us, it's hard to come up with another where the flavors of each so easily and perfectly co…Read More