happy hour Aberdeen Are you one of those guys that think it’s cute when your girl orders a beer but is sure that she doesn’t really know what she’s doing? Well, it may surprise you to know that the world’s first professional brew masters were women. That’s right. In ancient Egypt it was customary for beer to be brewed by women. But as the economy switched towards industrial, beer became the realm of men.

That interesting tidbit is just one thing we’re betting you didn’t know about the sudsy drink you prefer to start your weekend with. Here’s some more “well-I’ll-be” facts about beer that you can use to impress your friends with during our next happy hour thanks to the Huffington Post:

  • Czech Republic is home to a beer spa where you can bathe in beer. Yes, a beer bath.
  • President Barack Obama is the first POTUS to brew beer in the White House. It’s called Bro-Bama
  • Those slaves who built the pyramids of Giza were paid in beer; about 4 liters a day.
  • Beer holds almost all of the minerals required for human survival.
  • Beer bottles should be stored upright to avoid the chance of the cap contaminating and oxidizing the beer.
  • Studies show that moderate beer intake can help strengthen bones and protect the heart against disease.
  • It is illegal in the US to show people in beer commercials actually drinking the beer they are selling.
  • The average American drinks 23 gallons of beer a year.
  • Some of the first written recipes were for beer. They are approximately 5,000 years old.