Would it surprise you to know that most Americans outside the state of South Dakota have never even heard of chislic; let alone have tasted it? Chislic is one dish that is unique to South Dakota, so unique that many other states’ residents, including those within close proximity to SD, have no conception of it’s deliciousness. Where you live in the Mount Rushmore state, you’ll expect your chislic to be served a certain way, with preparations varying from region to region.

Tucked up in the Northeast corner of South Dakota, folks in Aberdeen tend to like their chislic as a precursor to their main meal. In restaurants in Aberdeen, the dish is served as small, fried cubes of beef served with a side of ranch. And you won’t find better chislic, than at Lagers Inn.

We’re not ones to brag, but we will about our chislic. As a local favorite, chislic is always on the menu at Lagers Inn. We serve ours as a great, shareable appetizer that gets its due attention for its mouth-watering, savory goodness. Pair our chislic with your favorite beer and enjoy our particular brand any day or night of the week.

As Aberdeen’s favorite sports bar, we have a comprehensive food menu with lunch and weekly specials that let you save money while enjoying your favorite foods. Visit us now during your favorite sporting event and don’t forget to order the chislic. You can’t call yourself a true local until you do.