Do you drink beer? We do. Not in an out of control, life-ruining kind of way, but in an, “I refuse to drink garbage beer” way. We’ve all been there, though, when it comes to learning to appreciate quality suds. Back in the day, we chugged wretched beer as teenagers. We did that just because it was cheap and easy to get our hands on.

But here’s the thing. Just because a beer is expensive, doesn’t automatically make it good. We’ve had $17 beer that we wouldn’t serve to our worst enemy. But price can often be an indicator of quality. If you spend $12 to get 30 beers, you have to ask yourself, realistically, how much time and effort were put into the creation. There’s only one answer, and that’s, “Not much.”

But there’s more to drinking good beer than acting superior to your friends that drink the domestic stuff. It’s, all around, a better experience, from that perfect first pour to the fact that you don’t wake up the next morning feeling like you’ve been hit by a train. It’s because the smaller breweries take more time and more care in making their products. True, the big guys have been around longer, but odds are they rarely innovate and use the cheapest available ingredients.

So how do you find your new favorite pint? Simple. Next time you’re at your favorite sports bar, get recommendations from the local beer expert. They should be able to direct you to solid small-batch beers that are brewed locally. Drink only those for a night, and we guarantee you’ll have a better night.