sports bar Aberdeen Is there any better food combination than burgers and beer? I mean, how often do you hear wine enthusiasts professing their enjoyment of the perfect chardonnay and their favorite meaty sandwich? It doesn’t happen because burgers are married to beer and would never pair as nicely with any other beverage.

For us, it’s hard to come up with another where the flavors of each so easily and perfectly complement each other. A cheeseburger paired with a frosty cold brew is probably the quintessential meal when enjoying a football game or hockey match. Though you’ll find debates as to whether an IPA or a kolsch or a pilsner is the best accompaniment to wash down a savory cheeseburger, those ready to argue about the pairing are hard to find. Because everybody knows that when you order a cheeseburger – you order a beer to go along with it.

sports bar aberdeen It’s not that it is just easy to order; after all you came to Aberdeen’s favorite sports bar with a cold, frosty mug of beer top of mind. And our burgers are unbeatable. But it’s the straight, palate-cleansing carbonation and flavors of certain brews that cut through the rich, savory, fatty flavors of beef that make the combination of meaty and hoppy so enjoyable. IPAs are great for balancing the spice of our Inferno Burger, where a clean pilsner will help to cool it down. We like the Hazelnut Brown Nectar paired with the earthy flavors of our Mushroom & Swiss burger. And our patrons seem to enjoy the pairing of our Bacon and Egg Cheeseburger and the Obsidian Stout.

Whatever combo you find that pleases your taste buds, we invite you to enjoy both burger and beer at Lager’s Inn. With daily and lunch specials every day of the week, we are Aberdeen’s choice for burgers, wings, pizza and beer. We invite you to try us out and catch a game too.