There’s a debate that’s been going on and has been getting more and more heated as technology gets better: watching the game in person at a stadium versus watching the game at a sports bar. For us, unless it’s a monumental game, we’re going to be watching it here at our Aberdeen sports bar every time. The electricity isn’t quite the same, but all the peripheral benefits are much, much better. Still not convinced? Keep reading.

  • Heckling: The best thing about a sports bar versus stadium is the ability to drink too much and heckle other bar patrons (nicely, of course) about their choice in team, the inability for their team to get a first down, or just to have a little fun. In stadiums, this level of heckling seems to spark riots. Strangely enough, when you’re at a sports bar, even with all the drunkenness, there is a tacit code that allows you to get away with it.
  • Convenience: While parking can be touch at some bars, even the worst bar parking doesn’t hold a candle to the best stadium parking.
  • Cost: This is a big one for most people! Even for a baseball game, you’re looking at costs of near $100 per person. For $100 at our Aberdeen sports bar, you can live like a king!
  • Socializing: We feel like going to a sporting event in a stadium is a lot like going to church.  People take their teams so seriously that much of the fun of sport manages to get lost along the way. Sports bars have a more casual fan.