1. A Local’s Favorite: Chislic

    Would it surprise you to know that most Americans outside the state of South Dakota have never even heard of chislic; let alone have tasted it? Chislic is one dish that is unique to South Dakota, so unique that many other states' residents, including those within close proximity to SD, have no conception of it's deliciousness. Where you live in the Mount Rushmore state, you'll expect your chislic…Read More

  2. Stuff We Bet You Don’t Know About Brew

    Are you one of those guys that think it's cute when your girl orders a beer but is sure that she doesn't really know what she's doing? Well, it may surprise you to know that the world's first professional brew masters were women. That's right. In ancient Egypt it was customary for beer to be brewed by women. But as the economy switched towards industrial, beer became the realm of men. That interes…Read More

  3. Pair Your Food of Choice with a Frosty Beer

    Maybe we spoke too soon. In an earlier blog we stated that burgers and beer basically made for the perfect combination of food and drink. But wing lovers and pizza enthusiasts have both come forward with their own reasons as to why their favorite foods pair better with beer than burgers. For chicken wing lovers, nothing compliments the fiery goodness of spicy wings better than the palate-cleansing…Read More

  4. Good Beer Is a Good Thing

    Do you drink beer? We do. Not in an out of control, life-ruining kind of way, but in an, “I refuse to drink garbage beer” way. We’ve all been there, though, when it comes to learning to appreciate quality suds. Back in the day, we chugged wretched beer as teenagers. We did that just because it was cheap and easy to get our hands on. But here’s the thing. Just because a beer is expensive, d…Read More

  5. Our Bar & Restaurant in Aberdeen Can Help You Stay Safe During the Holidays

    It's a sad fact that drunk driving arrests and auto accident rates go up during the holiday season. Our bar & restaurant in Aberdeen wants to help you stay safe! We know that you want to get together with your family and friends during the holiday season and enjoy great drinks and food together. Now you can do that in your favorite bar and won't have to worry about anyone in your party being t…Read More

  6. Why Sports Bars Are Better Than Stadiums

    There's a debate that's been going on and has been getting more and more heated as technology gets better: watching the game in person at a stadium versus watching the game at a sports bar. For us, unless it's a monumental game, we're going to be watching it here at our Aberdeen sports bar every time. The electricity isn’t quite the same, but all the peripheral benefits are much, much better. S…Read More

  7. Burgers and Beer – A Beautiful Thing

    Is there any better food combination than burgers and beer? I mean, how often do you hear wine enthusiasts professing their enjoyment of the perfect chardonnay and their favorite meaty sandwich? It doesn't happen because burgers are married to beer and would never pair as nicely with any other beverage. For us, it's hard to come up with another where the flavors of each so easily and perfectly co…Read More